"Conquering the World, One Banknote at a Time"

What began as a small gift from a trip to South America soon blossomed into a passion of knowing the world through paper money. Essentially, it is like looking at the world through someone else's wallet. Collecting of world paper money has a history of being known as the "hobby of kings" as many kings enjoyed having all the money they could obtain in their possession, and it did not matter from which nation it came from.Costa Rica Banana Plantation

JM Banknotes began as a blog in 2010 under the name Jays World Banknotes. After a few years and a rebranding, we launched the JM Banknotes blog which lasted until the summer of 2015 when it was taken down. The passion and desire to showcase our collection, meet collectors from around the world and help those who are interested in collecting world paper money has led us back to the world wide web with our new website. Join us on our adventure as we attempt to "Conquer the World, One Bankonte at a Time."

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Collection Blog:

» Aug.18.16: The 207th nation in our collection is Tannu Tuva. This banknote was purchased from an online vendor.
Tannu Tuva 3 Lan P2
Tannu Tuva 3 Lan P2
Image courtesy of RealBanknotes.com.

» Aug.13.16: We have added our 206th nation to our banknote collection. Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka is our 206th nation. This nation was acquired via purchase from a vendor at the World's Money Fair.
Ceylon 2 Rupees P67a
Ceylon 2 Rupees
Image courtesy of Banknoteworld.com.

» Jul.29.16: We have added our 205th nation to our banknote collection today. We are proud to now have a banknote in our collection from the nation of Kosovo. This banknote was aquired via trade with a fellow collector named Ard from Switzerland.
Kosovo 100 Dinare PNL13
Kosovo 100 Dinare PNL13
Image courtesy of Banknoteworld.com.

» Jul.23.16: We have added our 204th nation to our banknote collection today. We are proud to now have a banknote in our collection from the nation of Malta. This banknote was aquired via purchase from an online vendor.
Malta 1 Lira P31a
Malta 1 Lira P31a
Image courtesy of Banknoteworld.com.

» Jul.18.16: Our banknote swaplist has been completely edited. Please check it out by visiting our Colnect page.

Banknote News:

» Aug.08.16: A new Colombian 50,000 Pesos banknote will be debuting on August 18,2016. This new banknote features Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize winning Colombian know for his literature.
Colombia 50,000 PesosColombia 50,000 Pesos
Courtesy of BanknoteNews.com

» Aug.02.16: The Bank of Thailand has recently released a new 500 Baht banknote to commemorate the Queen's seventh cycle birthday celebration.
Thailand 500 BahtThailand 500 Baht
Courtesy of BanknoteNews.com

» Jul.29.16: The Central Bank of Liberia will be releasing a new family of banknotes in the upcoming months. According to the MRI Banker's Guide to Foreign Currency, these new banknotes will have upgraded security features.

» Jul.18.16: The Bank of Mauritius has recently put the plan of a new banknote family on hold, as they have received plenty of criticism over the cost of creating and printing new banknotes. Courtesy of the MRI Banker's Guide to Foreign Currency

» Jul.14.16: According to the MRI Banker's Guide to Foreign Currency, the island nation of St. Thomas and Prince are in the process of redenominating their currency, with the rumor being that they will be removing up to three zeroes from their currency.

» Jul.13.16: The Bank of England has announced that the new 5 Pound banknote will be released on September 13.
England 5 Pounds BanknotesEngland 5 Pounds Banknotes
Courtesy of MRI Banker's Guide to Foreign Currency

Collection Statistics:

» Total Countries: 207

» Total Banknotes: 1001

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